Grade 8 Graduation Photos March 16

We received the good news that we can go ahead with Grade 8 Grad Photos! On Tuesday, March 16 Edge Imaging will be coming in to photograph our 2020-2021 Graduating Class.

Please click on the Flyer for More information: GradPhotos-OLG

We will be following strict protocols outlined by the Board:

1.  Designated spots on the floor in the hallway indicating two meters distancing.

2. Two students will come to the photo location for the first photo. Students will be reminded of social distancing and to keep their masks on. The first student goes directly into the room, the second student waits outside on the designated spot.

3.  When one student is done, he/she goes back to class and the teacher sends the next student down.

4.  All students, staff and the photographer(s) are to be masked at all times.

5. Two-metre distances are to be maintained by everyone at all times. The photographer will minimize/refrain from coming closer to the students to make any adjustments to clothes or pose.

6.  No chairs; photos are to be taken standing up.

7.  Students are not to touch props. They may remove their masks at the moment the photo is taken and then put them back on.

8.  The same photography company employee(s) are to go to the same school until the photos are all taken.

9.  Photography equipment is not to be touched by anyone other than their own employees.

10.  Photography equipment is to be sanitized prior to and at the end of any one photo taking session (i.e. beginning and end of the day).

11.  All student touch points are to be wiped down; entrance doors will be kept open so that multiple hands do not touch them.

12. If gowns and caps are provided by the photographer, they will be single use only.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at the school.

Yours in Catholic Education,